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be a master cocktail mixer & gracious host

If you dream of mixing up delicious cocktails at home, and hosting unforgettable cocktail parties, you’re in the right spot.

My friends know me for my passion for cocktail parties with boozy DIY cocktail carts and ridiculous party themes. 

Want to know a secret, though?

I’m actually quite an introvert.  And I didn’t always feel confident being the center of attention while hosting a party. 

But I love creating an intimate gathering where my friends feel comfortable, cozy, and free to be silly without judgment. 

And I found a way to host parties that lets me feel at ease and enjoy myself.  And that confidence sets the tone of the entire gathering – for everyone. Because when you set the right expectations, everyone can relax and enjoy the moment. Making it a memorable party that your friends can’t get enough of.

While I think it’s vital to put thoughtful details into a party – I don’t believe in a lot of stressful prep.  ‘Cause if you’re overwhelmed with party prep, you probably aren’t going to enjoy yourself. Or ever want to host again.

So, I skip unnecessary steps to be more efficient. My specialty is crafting one-of-a-kind cocktails rather than spending time on food preparation. (Trust me, your friends are just as happy to eat pizza as a homecooked meal.) I prioritize creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere with engaging activities or themed parties over having lavish decorations.

This blog contains my insights on how to be a gracious and entertaining host without feeling stressed and overwhelmed. And, it highlights tips on how to curate a well-stocked home bar and craft exceptional cocktails that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.


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the founder


Self-proclaimed party director and self-taught cocktail mixer.

I want to revive thoughtful hospitality. Entertaining over etiquette. I don’t care where your fork goes or the proper way to eat spaghetti. (There are some parts of my southern upbringing I’ve left behind in my journey to Brooklyn.) I want to host gatherings where my friends and family feel at ease, and leave feeling connected and content.

my favorite party theme I’ve ever hosted: Twins

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If you’re a guest in my house, I’ll pick out your drinkware to match your personality.



I’m obsessed with glassware. Mostly vintage or thrifted. from weird coffee mugs to pink coupes to nick and nora cocktail glasses.


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